HealthTech NextGen – A detailed review about virtual reality in healthcare

In the past few years, it is proved that virtual reality (VR) takes the world by storm and has become the latest trend in the different fields. The trend of virtual reality is getting famous with every passing day and operated also in the healthcare field. Even though this virtual reality technology has reformed the gaming industry, it is not restricted to the specific field but there are also several other industries like healthcare are developing newer processes and models to make use of this latest virtual reality technology to enhance their overall processes. In numerous applications, this VR technology has been used in the medical field and they include healthcare devices, robotic surgery, and etc.

Key applications of VR (Virtual Reality) in healthcare:

Healthcare or medical department is the biggest adopter of the virtual reality technology that includes the phobia treatment, robotic surgery, skills training, surgery simulation, and also more. A lot of hospitals and healthcare organizations have begun use of this virtual reality technology in their operations and gain extensive benefits. Some of the key applications of VR technology in health care include,

• Medical education

Virtual Reality simulation technologies are generally used in the medical training and education programs for the long time. The popular VR based firms are developing such kinds of products by combining 3D interactive content and 360 degree video content to develop the best possible virtual reality learning programs for students and also physicians.

• Virtual reality in diagnostics

VR is also used as the most powerful diagnostic technology or tool as it helps physicians and doctors to carry out the most accurate diagnosis. It is actually done in the combination with some other methods such as CT or MRI scans and avoids the necessity of any other persistent techniques.

• Mental illness treatment

Exposure therapy is the most commonly used procedure to treat the various mental illnesses. When it comes to the virtual reality, it is slowly changing the way exposure therapy is being used for mentally affected patients by providing low risk, flexible, and low cost solution to treat their mental problems.

Some other applications of VR in healthcare:

• Pain management

The physicians are using the cognitive distraction methods in order to treat the various types of pain for the longer time. With the advent of the VR technology, it gives the new method to such cognitive distraction methods by giving the different interactive games. They contain therapeutic VR programs to offer the advanced measures to aid the efficient limb pain management.

• Physical fitness & therapy

Virtual reality technology also has the major role in the physical fitness and therapy healthcare field where the patients are in the compulsion to do the regular exercise routine which includes the virtual reality instead of any surgeries or drugs.

Some other popular applications of virtual reality in healthcare field include virtual reality in surgery to avoid the surgery complications, human simulation techniques to enable all healthcare providers to easily and effectively interact with others, and etc.