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    Welcome to HealthTech:NextGeneration 2012!
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    9:00 AM Welcoming Remarks & Opening KeynoteSpeech
    GRAND BALLROOM Peter Levin Senior Advisor to the Secretary & CTO, Department of Veterans Affairs A Government Approach to IT Innovation
    10:00 PM
    11:00 AM Morning Breakout Track Sessions
    GRAND BALLROOM EAST EHR Policy & Reform – Where are we now?
    Shahid Shah (Moderator)

    CEO, Netspective

    • Dramatic progress on health IT resulting from HITECH Act.
    • How “meaningful use” provides a roadmap for delivery system reform
    • Interoperability – key to meeting reform goals
    • HIE – key to managing population health & financial risks under ACOs & new caredelivery models
    • Research showing hospitals & physicians progressing with EMR adoptions & ‘MeaningfulUse’ requirements
    • EHR implementation/adoption trends and challenges
    • Future of MU
    Dorian Seamster

    Chief of Health Information Services, CalHIPSO

    David Sayen

    Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    Carol Simon

    Director, Optum Institute for Sustainable Health

    GRAND BALLROOM WEST Smartphones & Apps in MobileHealthcare
    • Rise of smart-mobile – market penetration/demographics
    • How smart-mobile can improve adherence
    • Novel financing models to enable free solutions for users
    • Smartphones as a stepping stone towards ubiquitous sensing technology
    • Desirable bias mobile applications will create towards focusing on consumer use
    Lisa Duncan (Moderator) Head of Industry Health Services, Google
    Khaled Hassounah

    CTO, MedHelp

    Robert Pakter

    CEO, PillJogger, Inc.

    Alan Portela

    CEO, Airstrip Technologies

    REDWOOD How will Cloud Transform Healthcare – the Rationale for CloudComputing in Healthcare
    Greg Caressi (Moderator)

    Senior VP Healthcare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan

    • Innovations in cloud computing
    • Privacy & security in cloud environments
    • EHR & PHR management in cloud enabled environments
    • How can cloud computing benefit healthcare providers’ operational capabilities in supporting MUrequirements?
    • What are some of the key challenges in clinical computing infrastructure in support of CPOE andMU?
    • Telemedicine in the cloud
    Alistair Crighton

    Founder & CEO, Choice Hospital Systems

    Farid Agahi

    Senior Business Strategist, VMWare

    Jay Culver

    Director Strategic Accounts, GlobalMed

    12:30 PM


    David Houlding Healthcare Privacy & Security Lead Architect, IntelCorporation
    • Trends driving healthcare change with risk
    • Relationships between user experience, compliance & risk
    • Best practices for managing risk
    • The role of hardware assisted security & vertically integrated safeguards
    2:00 PM Exhibition & NetworkingBreak
    2:30 PM Afternoon Parallel TrackSessions
    GRAND BALLROOM EAST Patient Centered Healthcare & Empowerment throughHIE
    Nam Vo (Moderator)

    Senior Director, Oracle Health Sciences

    • Building a solid information management foundation for healthcare enterprises
    • How will HIE affect small physician practice workflow?
    • Healthcare informatics & business strategies
    • EHR & HIE marketplace – success & failures
    • Information management to the rescue
    • Future trends in HIE adoption and the impact on hospitals and patients
    • Importance of community participation in the establishment of an HIE
    • Role of HIEs in cost-effective management of chronic diseases
    Shadaab Kanwal

    Executive Director Reasearch & Quality, Kaiser Permanente IT-Corporate Services

    Chris Hobson

    Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health

    Kellen Glinder

    Pediatrician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

    Founder & Chief Technologist, DevCool

    GRAND BALLROOM WEST Mobile Solutions for Patient Empowerment
    • Remote patient monitoring: where patient empowerment meets clinical care
    • Usage models for mobile devices and consumer health
    • Mobile access to your electronic health data
    • Emessaging on mobile platforms
    • Moblie connectivity as a way around different EHR’s not communicating data
    • Global trends driving the need for patient empowerment
    Janet Bauer (Moderator)

    Professor & Director, UCLA School of Dentistry

    Arnaub Chatterjee

    Special Assistant to CTO, Office of Secretary at U.S. Department of Health & HumanServices

    Kent Dicks

    CEO & Founder, MedApps, Inc.

    Ben Wilson

    Director Global Health Strategy, Intel Corp.

    3:30 PM Coffee & Networking Break
    4:00 PM Afternoon Breakout Track SessionsResume


    Clinical Informatics
    Geoff Rutledge (Moderator)

    Co-Founder & CMIO, HealthTap

    • Impediments to adoption of a clinical system in a care setting
    • Innovations in user design to accelerate provider adoption
    • Effective integration of clinical information systems into complex work systems
    • Key findings from 2012 Primary Research from 60+ in depth Interviews with C-suite at leadinghealthcare provider organizations in the US
    • Five emerging analytic imperatives & their approach
    • What every healthcare provider needs to consider
    • Making Health Data Useful for Successful Clinical Decision Support
    Graham Hughes

    Chief Medical Officer, SAS Institute

    Anwer Khan

    Director, Deloitte Consulting, Life Sciences & Healthcare

    Sarah Molina

    Manager, Health Industries Advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    GRAND BALLROOM WEST Engaging Consumers via Social Media & MobileTechnology
    Maneesh Goyal (Moderator)

    Co-Founder & General Partner, MergerTech Health Ventures

    • The consumer/physician connection: can patients & physicians really be SM friends?
    • In home tracking of chronic disease conditions as tool for early warning
    • Patients want to track their own health on their mobile phone apps
    • Integration of different apps data into a single platform helps patient have an overview of allof their health data
    • Prescriptions and referrals using asynchronous communications
    • Dispelling the notion that it is as simple as “creating an app for it”
    • Challenge of keeping balance to prevent becoming either pure social entertainment or medicallyalienating
    • Issues of privacy and security for health in social media and mobile
    Enoch Choi

    Partner, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

    Arnaub Chatterjee

    Special Assistant to CTO, Office of Secretary at U.S. Department of Health & HumanServices

    Khaled Hassounah

    CTO, MedHelp

    Co-Founder & CEO, Mobile Commons

    REDWOOD Strategies for Managing Privacy & Security inHealthcare
    • HiT Privacy & Security compliance: Are you ready for Meaningful Use?
    • What should be the correct Governance Structure for Privacy & Security at Leading HealthOrganization?
    • Checklist for Compliance with HIPAA & Meaningful Use Mandates
    Adam Ely (Moderator) CISO, Heroku at
    David Houlding

    Healthcare Privacy & Security Lead Architect, Intel

    Pratik Verma

    Co-Founder & COO, AgeTak Inc.

    Daniel Berger

    President & CEO, Redspin

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    7:00 AM
    Welcome to HealthTech:NextGeneration 2012!
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM Welcoming Remarks & Opening KeynoteSpeech


    Wil Yu Special Assistant, Innovations – The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC/HHS), HealthIT
    • The Healthcare Innovation Imperative
    10:00 PM
    11:00 AM Morning Breakout Track Sessions
    REDWOOD Funding Opportunities for mHealth
    • Barriers & challenges
    • Healthcare IT Grant Funding and Focus Areas
    • VC Funding and the Screening Process
    • What are the important milestones prior to raising capital?
    • Healthcare reform legislation has significant structural impact – administrative cost caps, newpay-for-performance models, healthcare insurance purchasing exchanges and information technologymandates
    • Advances in secure mobile networks, behavior patterns of consumers and increasing alignment ofpayer reimbursement revolutionizing how healthcare is planned, delivered, evaluated and paid for
    Ryan McQuaid (Moderator)

    Strategy & Business Development, AT&T mHealth Platform

    Maneesh Goyal

    Co-Founder & General Partner, MergerTech Health Ventures

    Halle Tecco

    Co-Founder & CEO, RockHealth

    Roy Ziegler

    Venture Partner, Chrysalis Ventures

    GRAND BALLROOM EAST HIT Innovations – Influencing Physicians to EmbraceHIT
    Sam Shekar (Moderator)

    Chief Medical Officer, Northrop Grumman Information Systems

    • Key barriers to EHR and HIT adoption
    • Saying goodbye to HL7 and other dated standards
    • Enabling patients to manage their health and track their care
    • Unlocking between-visit date
    • Proven strategies for encouraging provider adoption of EHRs
    • Helping providers understand the value of data
    • The data entry hurdle
    • Barriers to spread amongst MDs
    • synergy across systems, getting pharmacy fill data as feedback to medical provider
    • improving data collection during a visit
    Matt Douglass

    Co-Founder & VP Engineering, Practice Fusion

    Aaron Blackledge

    M.D. & Founder, Care Practice Clinic

    Speranza Avram


    GRAND BALLROOM WEST Benefits & Risks of Cloud Computing in the HealthcareEnvironment
    Shahid Shah (Moderator) CEO, Netspective
    • Recognized benefits of collaboration multiprovider coordination
    • ACOs – coordination across silos
    • Patient Centered “Locus of Information Control”
    • Architecture and strategy – addressing security, manageability, automation, metering, andemployee use model considerations
    • Client in the cloud
    • A roadmap to hybrid cloud & expanding cloud usages
    • Employing Cloud Computing to improve Medical practices
    Ajay Chandramouly

    Director, Intel Corp.

    Pierre Theodore

    Associate Professor of

    Surgery, Van Auken Endowed Chair in Thoracic Surgery, UCSF

    Heinz Schwarz VP Business Development, NextGate
    12:30 PM


    John Mattison CMIO, Kaiser Permanente
    • Mega Trends in Healthcare
    2:00 PM Exhibition & NetworkingBreak
    2:30 PM Afternoon Parallel TrackSessions
    REDWOOD Semantics in Analytics – Making Sense of HealthcareData
    Piyush Malik (Moderator)

    Program Director, IBM

    • Semantic technologies to construct and analyze networks of diverse structured and unstructureddata
    • To make sense of the sea of structured and unstructured data flowing across healthcareorganizations, there is a need to create a new class of powerful research, productivity and decision-support applications for healthcare
    • Healthcare analytics – critical to cost control and improved care
    • Groundbreaking work based on semantic technologies, allowing unprecedented access to codifiedand machine usable healthcare data
    • Exploring unstructured ontologies in Healthcare
    • Finding out what data is really important
    Dan Riskin

    CEO, Health Fidelity

    Anwer Khan

    Director, Deloitte Consulting Life Sciences & Healthcare

    Evren Eryurek

    CTO, GE Healthcare IT & Performance Solutions

    GRAND BALLROOM EAST mHealth’s place in the Future of HealthcareDelivery
    Ben Wilson (Moderator)

    Director Global Health Strategy, Intel Corp.

    • Consumerism of mHealth devices & services
    • Patient engagement/communication via mhealth
    • Moving from the traditional care model – reducing cost, improving quality of care
    • ACOs and new opportunities in patient-provider communications
    • The critical role of interoperability in realizing the vision for mhealth
    • Employing mHealth to unshackle the Physician
    • Barriers to mHealth adoption
    • Institutions using mHealth to reach outside of their walls and broaden their practice
    • Leading the development of mHealth ecosystem
    • Integrating mHealth into Informatics
    • Managing new ways of patient communication using mobile technology
    • Connected health & telehealth initiatives
    Sara Rushinek Professor, University of Miami
    Sandra Elliott Director, Consumer Technology & Service Development, Meridian Health
    Brian Russell

    CEO, Zephyr Technology Limited

    Strategic Business Development, Samsung
    GRAND BALLROOM WEST Healthcare IT Platforms (A Presentation)
    Shahid Shah (Presenter) CEO,Netspective