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Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Dr. John Mattison is Chief Medical Information Office of Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente is a care delivery organization, which manages patients at many points of care. Dr. Mattison will discusses Kaiser Permanente’s journey though creating an integrated set of health information systems. After completing a very intensive study of the EHR market, Kaiser Permanente selected Epic to create its KP HealthConnect EHR.  Dr. Mattison will explain that this tremendous investment was made with the goals to measure health and process outcomes, analyze the data, quickly transfer it into decision support, and communicate this to any provider/patient, anywhere, at any time. With 8.6 million members/patients and 16,000 physicians, the KP HealthConnect solution is a success story. Dr. Mattison will also discuss interoperability, and how Kaiser Permanente is now embarking on innovative pilot projects to create an infrastructure for the safe and secure exchange of health information between different health systems/facilities.