» Health Tech Next Generation Conference & Expo » World Class Forum Connecting Healthcare + IT Leaders & Professionals

  • Health Tech:Next Generation will host it’s second annual Conference and Expo bringing together leaders & professionals in Healthcare & Information Technology under one roof. It will showcase up-and-coming strategies and technologies to tackle today’s healthcare delivery obstacles, shape and advance the healthcare industry forward into tomorrow’s paradigm of patient controlled environments.

    Why, Where, What, Who…

    • Where are tomorrow’s healthcare technologies coming from? Corporate America, small business, international development?
    • How will mobile and cloud technologies assist healthcare professionals?
    • Can these technologies be implemented by major healthcare organizations and small physician communities alike?
    • Who will carry and house these technologies? Government agencies, corporate IT departments, insurance conglomerates, physicians, patients?
    • How will corporate profitability and immediate patient needs merge into an efficient healthcare industry for the future?
    • What will the cost be to patients, providers, financial institutions and government?

    These pressing questions and more are the focus of HealthTech:NextGeneration Conference!