HealthTech:NextGeneration Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor Spaces for HealthTech:Next Generation 2011 are due and payable in full upon online sign-up completion. 25% of every booth fee will be held as Non-refundable deposit on Space. No Cancellation Refunds are available within 45 days prior to Expo. Booths are not considered viable and engaged until online sign-up & cleared payment is received.
All set-ups for shows take place between 6:00am – 8:00am of the event date. Show opens promptly at 8:00am. You must be fully set-up and prepared by then. Breakdown cannot start until 5:00pm and must be complete by 6:00pm. Exhibitors are expected to have professional attractive displays and collateral.
Demonstrations for the Demo Room must be submitted to HealthTech:NextGeneration in writing (Email suffices) with a complete list of needs and description of demonstration well before each show. HealthTech:NextGeneration retains right of final approval for all demonstrations and may reject due to overly cumbersome set-up, breakdown, logistical requirements or subject content. Demos should be targeted for 10 to 15 minute use by individuals, so 3 or 4 groups of 15 people can experience each demonstration
Special Requests like electricity, extra chairs, tables, AV equipment, etc must be submitted to HealthTech:NextGeneration via written request (Email suffices) well in advance of the show. Late or Day of Show changes may be difficult and any costs incurred by Healthtech:NextGeneration will be passed on to the Exhibitor.
Exponential does it’s best to accommodate Booth placement requests but not all requests can be fulfilled. Actual Day of Show Booth placements are at the sole discretion of Healthtech:NextGeneration and are Final.
All HealthTech:NextGeneration Host Venues are non-smoking facilities and Exhibitors must respect the cleanliness and organizational parameters of the Host Hotel. All trash within your Booth is your responsibility.
Attending Visitor Lists are available to all Exhibitors and Sponsors from HealthTech:NextGeneration when requested in writing 7 to 14 days after each show.
The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless HealthTech:NextGeneration of any damage, injury, loss or compensation of any kind. Exhibitors are liable for any damages incurred or caused and must retain proper business insurance for such eventualities.